Celebrating Student Initiative by Suzanne Lawson

One of the many things I love about Bridgeview Montessori School is being able to watch empowered students see their creative ideas come to fruition. We have a pajama day because a student proposed it a few years ago.  We  had a school store at one point because of the initiative of two students. This year I have seen two brainchildren come alive.


Most recently a Second Year student wanted to start a school newspaper. His boundless enthusiasm was contagious, and his staff, made up of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year students, fell right into place. With an eager teacher to support the effort, we have a newspaper. Please enjoy this inaugural edition of Montessori Mingle.

Montessori Mingle.jpg
Montessori Mingle2.jpg


Another amazing activity that we now have because of a 5th Year student's initiative is a a Jazz ensemble. Thanks to this student, with the support of our Head of School, we now have a parent volunteer who leads the group during Friday recess. Our students decided that giving up their outside time was well worth it. Click to check them out!

How lucky we are to work together in a school where every voice matters.