What a Night, What a School

Winter Concert Opening Remarks

Kate Rickard                                                                                                                                                    Board Member and Mom of Three Bridgeview Montessori Students

Good evening and welcome to Our Children’s Winter Concert.  When I first joined the Bridgeview Montessori Community, learning that the Winter Concert was after the holidays, was the best gift I was given that year. Now, it is the one I appreciate the most each year. Luckily, it is among the many gifts Bridgeview gives our family. If you are new to our group or find yourself at an especially busy period of your life, you may not be aware of the dedication these women have to their students.

Going to my first parent teacher conference, I expected to hear how my child had been progressing academic and behaviorally.  But that is not what happens here.  Instead, I receive stories about the experiences my children are having in the environments their teachers have prepared for them.  I hear about the quirks and peccadillos specific to each of my children. That is how I know these adults are teaching the whole child… Following their lead and guiding them. That is quite a gift.  

On the Board, I hear about the wishes and dreams of future experiences the teachers are aiming to provide. I hear about the Circle of Giving annual fund, based on the philosophy that whatever the families of students give exponentially multiplies what Bridgeview can give back. I hear how very grateful the faculty are for that.  

When my child makes an “Unexpected Choice,” I hear how it was handled. I hear about the care and concern that was taken to discourage the behavior while keeping that child's self confidence in tact.  


This is what ALL the teachers at Bridgeview Montessori do.  They create independent thinkers. That is why we can add the founder of Amazon, the founders of Google, Jackie Onassis, Princes William and Harry, Julia Child, and Anne Frank to the list of many impressive Montessori graduates.

Will my children grow up to be super wealthy, and famous?...maybe

Will they grow up to be confident enough to follow their passions?

Brave enough to ask questions?

Smart enough to have patience?

You bet…..because the people I choose to surround them with believe in them.  So, naturally, they believe in themselves. That is a gift every parent in this room has awarded their child.  

Tonight, as we are just about to watch them shine, I say, “Thank You Teachers;” “Lucky you, kids;” and “Congratulations Parents.”  

Thank you.