Our Strategic Plan

Approved September 4, 2019


Learn how we created and plan to implement our strategic plan!

  • Step One: Bridgeview Montessori Parents, Students, Faculty, Staff, and Board Members completed general surveys designed to evaluate their satisfaction with daily school operations, including programming, communication, facility and fund raising process.

  • Step Two: Task Force One comprised of parents, board members and staff was formed to review all survey responses and to identify the most important ideals relative to increased enrollment and higher student retention. Their conclusions were then submitted to a second task force.

  • Step Three: The formation of Task Force Two (similar to Task Force One) reviewed the Task Force One’s list of critical ideals. From this list, they developed four strategies that would ensure our school’s growth toward important ideals. Finally they listed activities (tactics) which would lead to the accomplishment of each strategy.

  • Step Four: These strategies and tactics were then submitted to the Administrative Team for review and fine tuning. A three-year plan was organized, and dates for completion were proposed. During the process, we decided who or which group would be best suited to accomplish each tactic.

  • Final Step: In June, 2019, the Board of Trustees was given the proposed Strategic Plan for their final review and adjustment. The following are the highlights of our plan.

Overview of our Strategic Plan

In order to excel at our mission, our strategic goals are focused on fiscal stability. We will increase enrollment in keeping with our student/teacher ratios: one to ten in Children’s House and one to twelve in Elementary. We will improve our student retention.

Our strategies for meeting our goals are to

  1. optimize utilization of our website

  2. maximize, enhance and showcase our facility

  3. evaluate, adjust and improve programming

  4. increase investment and participation in community building

Website: Our tactics: Informed by parent and faculty feedback, we will make our website more user friendly. Our consistently updated website will keep our community informed through a school calendar, weekly parent newsletters, student work postings, a reformatted Bridgemail newsletter, and our blog enlivened by regular contributions from parents, faculty and friends.

Facility: Our Tactics: We will create a maintenance schedule for building and grounds upkeep. We will maximize the use of our back patio, and enhance our street appeal. Community projects will be organized for playground additions.

Programming: Our Tactics: Form a Program committee to create a plan to evaluate, adjust and improve all programming. The first priority for this committee is to study, analyze, and propose the best philosophical and financial use of our Blue Room. Plan discussion opportunities to hear parent perspectives on topics such as homework, enrichments, foreign language instruction and Montessori teaching philosophy.

Community Building: Our Tactics: Inspire volunteerism with the help of a school parent Volunteer Coordinator. Encourage social connections by offering informal gatherings such as hosting a monthly coffee hour, and include a special guest to talk about something of interest. Help students invite adult relatives and/or friends to join them for lunch. Offer Bridgeview Montessori t-shirts.

Our Follow Through

Our complete Strategic Plan is available for anyone who would like to request a copy. For internal use, a three-year time line for completing all tactics within each strategy in support of our ideals has been established. We have already begun our strategic work, and we are full of optimism for continuous inspiration, growth and achievement.


Thank you to our whole 2018-19 Bridgeview Montessori Community for taking time to genuinely consider our school’s past, present and future. Your thoughtful opinions, ideas, and suggestions fueled our plan for a stronger and ever growing learning community.