Annual Circle of Giving


Our Circle of Giving, 2018-2019

Dear Bridgeview Montessori Friends,                                                                                    October 2018

Once again, we are asking for your annual contribution to our Circle of Giving, a fund that helps sustain our phenomenal school. What is different this year is that we are celebrating 20 years of learning together.

 As our school has come a long way from literal “mom and pop shop” to fledging non profit to a vibrant and beautiful learning community, we wanted to share some words from those who have supported us in the past, through the years, and to this very day. Voices like yours and these bring richness to all of us fortunate enough to experience what was, what is, and what, with your support, will continue to be Bridgeview Montessori School.

When Bridgeview Montessori opened its doors in September of 1999 our daughter Jamie started Kindergarten, brother Sam followed her a year later. While there are many factors that are involved in raising good children, both Sheila and I feel Bridgeview provided a great foundation. Jamie and Sam have been very successful socially and academically in all of their endeavors. As parents, it’s been a real joy to watch them grow and become young adults who we are proud to call our children.

 The energy and commitment from the teachers, the Montessori program, and the multi-grade interaction developed two children who have enjoyed learning and attending school. We were very fortunate that they had such a great start in life. Many thanks, Bridgeview Montessori.

 Mike and Sheila ~ Alumni parents and longtime contributors to our Annual Circle of Giving

Bridgeview Montessori will always hold a special place in my heart. I learned to be an art teacher in a school that put the studio in the "heart of the school.” I got to work with dearest friends and create art with children every day. My work felt important, and yet we all laughed - hard - everyday! I have never had the pleasure to work in a place so motivated by joy and love. I think of Bridgeview Montessori, a place where each child is well known and honored by his or her teacher, a school that is sustained by a dedicated extended community, and a place where inspiration and passion matter. For these reasons, I have, do, and will continue to contribute to the Annual Circle of Giving.

 Tiffany ~ Former Studio and Art History teacher and dedicated friend of Bridgeview Montessori

 As parents we looked to the Montessori methodology to provide a holistic pathway to inquiry-based independence. What we have found is that the family of educators at Bridgeview has guided and nurtured that journey for our kids every step of the way!

 Jon and Angela ~ Current Children’s House parents and loyal patrons of our school

 I am in my seventeenth year as Administrative Assistant. My son and grandson attended Bridgeview Montessori. I value this school, how can I not contribute to the Annual Circle of Giving.

 Gina-Marie ~ Enough said!

Ever since my first visit to Bridgeview Montessori back in 2009, I have consistently noticed what a safe and peaceful environment it is. Now that one daughter has graduated and one will graduate this year, I’m confident that they were afforded a great opportunity to learn, develop their own personality, and foster relationships with their peers and teachers. They simply enjoyed going to school. When my child gets upset because she’ll miss art class when school is cancelled for snow, it reinforces why I’ve kept her and her sister at Bridgeview. They are happy being Bridgeview Montessori students.

 For me, supporting the annual fund is a given. It’s clear that my tuition dollars help the school survive. In my own head, when I contribute to the Circle of Giving, I can make the school thrive a bit more. The annual fund and any volunteer opportunities do make a difference, and our kids who see the parent involvement reap the benefits. 

 Alex ~ Alumni parent, annual fund supporter, and current parent, with this year making 19 years collectively of Bridgeview Montessori education.

Let’s once again bring our voices together in support of our Annual Circle of Giving. Please know that we are not looking for a particular dollar amount, but rather your participation. Reaching 100% family, faculty, and board participation would be a feat never achieved before, one that will send us into our 21st year on our growing edges prepared to do our very best work.

Thank you for joining with us to create a joyous chorus unified in support of our Bridgeview Montessori School.

With kindness, respect and well wishes,

Ann E. Wolf, President of the Board of Trustees, Alumni Parent                                                                            

Leslie Dominguez-Santos, Vice President of the Board of Trustees, Alumni and Current Parent


Cash donations are tax-deductible. Your company may match any gifts you contribute to our school— ask your HR professional for details. Gifts-in-kind such as computer equipment, property, physical fitness equipment, etc., are welcome. For a gift-in-kind form for your tax purposes, call our ofice at 508-888-3567.