A One Year Wonder! Sadie.

When I met Sadie and learned about the progressive school she had gone to in California, I knew that our school would be a natural continuation. How lucky we were to have had her and her family learning with us even if for only one year.

Sadie’s Graduation Speech

Here at Bridgeview Montessori School I have learned, grown, and not only made friends, but I’ve also become part of a community, almost like a family. Here you can always be yourself. You can count on their support, and they never fail to make you smile.

I remember the day I was late on my birthday and the whole class yelled “Happy Birthday, Sadie!!!” As I walked in the door. It was so surprising and heartwarming.

I have learned so so much from just being a good friend, to the negative number snake game, to the journey and life of Leif Eriksson. Bridgeview has taught me more than I thought I would ever know. I never thought in one school year so much could change. I have made so many friends, learned SO MUCH, moved three times, and through it all, I was here at Bridgeview.

My teachers have pushed me to my limits, and they have taught me amazing things. They've been there for me, helping me with percents, fractions, and multiplication, helping me with my senior project, and helping me with the basic Wordly Wise vocabulary. I know I can always ask for help.

Thank you to Kathleen for all the times I had to come to you on my homework and for always helping me though grammar and just always being there. Thank you to Jolie for teaching me all about cells and for teaching me something new everyday, and for never failing to make school fun. Thank you to Cathy for always coming over to me to see if I was doing okay on my math, and my work in work cycle. And lastly, thank you to Staci for helping me master my times table and helping me through Literary Circle and making it fun, even if we were reading a book that's not interesting at all. Thank you to all my teachers for helping me every day and never failing to make me smile.

I know I will probably never be placing number tiles on a multiplication board or wearing slippers around my classroom, having a lesson on the rug, nor be playing capture the ball with my classmates outside at recess, yet it’s time to move on. I will never ever forget all that Bridgeview has taught me. I’ll use everything that you have taught me throughout my school years, I promise. Bridgeview I will miss you; I wish I could have one more year.