A Family Tradition: The Last of His Family to Move On from Us!

My experience at Bridgeview Montessori has been really good because this school has given me every bit of knowledge from music with Courtenay to field trips with the class.

I started my Bridgeview journey in Kindergarten were we had to do simple things, like pouring water and washing windows. In First Year I met my new teachers, Margaret and Sharon. They introduced me to spelling tests, much to my displeasure. In Second Year, I started making a lot of stories, and everyone enjoyed them. In Third Year, we went to the Boston Science Museum and slept over there near the moon landing and train part. In Fourth Year, I went to Elementary II where I made new friends. And, who could forget the dolphin debate where another student and I had an ongoing debate over whether dolphins were mean or nice (I won) much to my pleasure. In Fifth Year I made my autobiography, and now I’m here.

Thank you to this school for getting me prepared for my next school, Falmouth Academy, by providing knowledge needed. Thank you.