A Sixth Year Graduate New to Bridgeview Explains Why We Worked for Her

Hi, I’m Tess. I only went to Bridgeview Montessori for a year, but I wish that I could have gone here for longer. During this year I learned so much: I learned about the USA history; I learned about negative numbers, decimals and so many more math operations. I also did my first ever Science Fair at Bridgeview. As well as learning so much, I went on many fun field lessons, and I made new friends.

On the first day of school at Bridgeview, I didn’t know many people. I came to this school not knowing what a great school this is, what great teachers teach you every day and that every student is very nice. I came only remembering the day I visited, and trying to remember every detail. Soon I learned the students’ names, and and the teachers’ names and went on the first field trip of the year which was of my favorite; the whole class biked down the canal to the beach, and got pizza brought to us by our teacher Cathy. There are so many more field trips that were just as fun as well. One of my favorite memories in the classroom was all of the literacy circles that I was in. First being a group with Jolie and reading Tuck Everlasting which is a classic that was really fun to read, then being with Staci and reading short stories, all very interesting. After that I was with  Cathy and read The Witch of Blackbird Pond which was a really interesting book. My last group was with Staci again, this time reading a really fun book and was very interesting and that book was called Absolutely Normal Chaos.

I love this school and will miss so many things that make this school unique. For one I will miss how everyone is so nice and friendly, and  how all of the teachers are so nice and helpful; every teacher at this school is always willing to help you out on any sort of problem you have. Second I will miss being in the really fun literacy circle groups that I got to be in this year.

I want to say thank you to Jolie, who was always there when I needed help or when I was confused with a problem of any sort of subject. Thank you Kathleen for teaching me something new everyday. Thank you Cathy for always coming over to me even when I didn’t ask for help, and thank you Staci who always made every lit. circle really fun and enjoyable. These four teachers were always there to help when I was stuck on a math problem or anything else. Thank you for always being there. Also thank you to all of my other teachers who taught me so many interesting things that I won’t forget. So thank you everyone who let me have an amazing year at this amazing school that I will miss so much. Thank You.