Voices of Peace Poetry Contest Winners!

For 10 years now, Bridgeview Montessori student poets have been entering their peace poems in the Voices of Peace Poetry Contest sponsored by the Veterans for Peace, Cape Cod and the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod. A very special thanks to our Elementary Team, Jolie Drury, Kathleen Finucane, Monika Gomes, and Rebecca Cohen for supporting our students as they dig deep.

Dream Big

Lane, 5th Year

Why the              war? Why

the guns? Why         can't we all be

friends? Talk it out, come up with a plan

to stop this war? We can, we can! Our world

could be a better place if we were all nice to

each other. Some people can be mean, some

people can be hatred, stern, or furious but

no matter how rude or how mean

we can stop this war. We can,

we can now. We can

change this world.

I know it.

I know


Hush . . .    

Aubryn, 6th Year

Breathe in,

Holding on, and then letting go

To all that is troubling.

To all that we fret.

And then,                       

Can we find a true state of mind

Averting the dark clouds of worry.

So all that we fear will be gone.

Breathe out,

Abling your restless body to relax,

And ease into a sound sleep.

Losing touch with reality.

Dozing off,

To a light sleep,

softening into an enlightening dream.

Know that when you awaken,

The world for you will never be the same..

    Hush . . .

Sound of War

Jonathan, 4th Year

The sound of soldiers marching through the empty streets,

my neck is burning in the summer heat.

I can't stand the sound of war,

the sound of bomb shells exploding as they hit the floor.

I cringe at the sight of tanks rolling down the the road,

while I sit on the curb with my little pet toad.

I hope all this war and fighting will end,

and then the whole world can all be friends.


Ava, 3rd Year

I found a place of peace.

It was a wonderful place for peace.

There wasn’t any room for meanys.

There was only room for peace.

Everyone was happy until one day.

A meany came that very day.

So they made so much peace.

And so the meany went away.