Bridgeview Montessori Students Recogized for Peace Poetry

Cape & Islands Voices of Peace Poetry Contest

For close to 10 years now, Bridgeview Montessori student poets have been entering their peace poems in the Voices of Peace Poetry Contest sponsored by the Veterans for Peace, Cape Cod and the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod.


Once again, Bridgeview Montessori students fared well in this competition. Please enjoy these award-winning pieces. Thanks to all of our students for participating in this event.

And, a special thank you to the teachers who supported our poets, Melissa Berbine, Danielle Gaskill and Jessica Germain.

Feelings of Peace

 Amelia, Second Year

Peace looks like a puppy crawling in the snow on a winter day.

Peace sounds like a kitten purring on your lap as you pet it.

Peace smells like cookies baking in the oven on a rainy day.

Peace tastes like fudge swirl ice cream in a bowl at my birthday party.

Peace feels like a baby chick in my hand at a farm.

Embrace Peace

By Ben, Third Year

Peace is precious

not to be taken advantage of.

It should be embraced

for everybody to feel, hear and be.

And together we can keep the world a better place.

For every man, woman and child.


Caleb, Second Year

Peaceful bunny sleeps

Dreaming that he is flying

A bed-head bunny

Sensing Peace

Maggie, Second Year

Peace looks like a sparkling waterfall splashing in the autumn light.

Peace sounds like light and flowing lullabies in a cozy bed.

Peace smells like lavender mist floating in the air.

Peace tastes like warm gooey cookies right out of the oven.

Peace fells like a warm cozy fire on a cold winter night.

Playing in the Garden

Cassidy, First Year

I'm playing in the garden

Smelling the flowers and playing with the birds

I lay down in the light breese

I dream about flying with the birds

Well, what do you know?

Some dreams do come true

And this one did

I'm flying with the birds up above the tree tops

Then I go to sleep

Tomorrow will be another day

And it will be a good one