Here We Are


Welcome Bridgeview Montessori School Community,                                                     

I am so excited and proud to announce the launch of our new website,, which truly represents the very spirit of our school.  We have worked hard to create a site that communicates what we do every day to cultivate creative process, grow empowered and resilient people and hold community close.  Our words and photographs have been chosen with great care …. presented to inspire.  Each and every person within our community has had a hand in this project.  Above all, our strength rests with our community who holds our school and its mission close to heart and soul.

I would like to give a special thank you to a few people who went above and beyond to help.  Past parent and friend of the school, Katherine Jackson of The Mirrored Image Photography shot photographs that are compelling and tell our story without words.  She visited our school over a period of several days to make sure she captured authentic moments in time. Having built a website for his children’s Montessori school, our web designer Bill Gatewood, a college friend of Suzanne’s, offered to help us build ours. He did not confine his responsibilities to our website but also gave helpful advice in how to strengthen our overall online communications. He was more than just a website designer; he became a friend to our school.

Mostly I want to acknowledge and thank Suzanne Lawson, our Director of Admissions and Assistant Head of School, who carved time out of her already busy schedule to coordinate and help build the website. Her sensibilities and editing and writing skills run throughout.  Her steadfast belief in our school is always her inspiration.  Every day I am thankful for her partnership and support.

I am honored to be the first person to contribute to our blog.  It is my dream that throughout this year you will hear from each and every one of us here, and that our website will be visited often thus becoming a vital part of our community of learners.

Welcome to a new school year and to our new school website.

I am always yours in digging deep.


Sandy Nickerson, Head of School