In and Out of the Box with the Second Years

By Danielle Gaskill, Elementary I Co-Teacher


The second graders at our school recently completed  their animal reports and dioramas. The goal of our lessons was to learn about how animals belong to different classes, and how those classes are different from each other. Students enjoyed exploring an animal of their choice and creating that animal’s habitat in a shoe box. The animals chosen were a humming bird, a bear (brown, black and polar), a panda bear, a whale, a bat and an owl.

Students researched their animal using books found in our extensive science room library. They shared their findings with their second grade peers and showcased their finished projects this past Monday for both the first graders and third graders.


This type of lesson allows for students to work on many different skills: researching skills, artistic skills, problem-solving skills, and public speaking and presentation skills. I am always amazed at how well our students can think outside the box and create an original and interesting piece of work.