Re-Enrolling Families


Dear Bridgeview Montessori Parents                                         

Funny. This year both Sandy and I have been intrigued by storytelling. Perhaps one of the reasons we work together so well and respect each other’s views and opinions is due to the fact that when embroiled in any discussion, a good story is always at the heart of it!

One of the many things that is great about Bridgeview Montessori School stories is that they are often perceived by prospective families as “too good to be true.” Earlier this month, I was showing our classrooms to a prospective Kindergarten family. Given what they saw, I was able to tell the story about Children’s House journals. One student was making a new cover, two others were answering a journal question about what each did over our break, and yet another was simply leafing through her pages looking back at her year thus far.

“Do they all have to write in a journal?” Mom asked.

“We encourage all of our Kindergarten students to write, but writing could mean illustrating, finding a first letter of a key word, or asking a teacher how to spell something because for that child accuracy is key.”

“Can younger students have journals?”

“Of course. The beauty of our Montessori school is that we are always able to present each student with the right lesson and work at the right time. If a four year old asks for a journal, of course he will get one….. see that boy over there, he is pre-Kindergarten age, and he has a journal.”

Then as if I scripted it, this same boy came over and explained that he does rest time in the afternoon with other people not in Kindergarten. He articulately explained how he and his friends travel up to the resting classroom.

Another student wished me Happy New Year as I was leaving his classroom; I initially did not hear him, but my touring mom did. She told me that he was trying to get my attention so we, of course, went to check in with him. As is customary for this young man, he introduced himself to our visitor and asked if this mom was planning to send a child to our school. He confirmed with aplomb that Bridgeview Montessori is the best school he’s ever been to…. He is 8. I often refer to this guy as the Mayor.

I bet if you think back, you have a story from your tour and observation day, but perhaps it has been a while since you viewed our school in the same way that a new parent might. Let me assure you, just as you were inspired when you toured, your lovely children are currently inspiring our new visitors. Thank You!

So as we look to continue our story, re-enrollment time is upon us. To ensure that we continue to create a rich and vibrant setting for our community of learners, we need to know your re-enrollment plans by Friday, March 2. For us, your plans are critical as we strive to keep every character and plot line central! And so that our story can unfold within this beautiful setting and with fully developed key characters, our Board of Trustees has increased tuitions 3.1% for the 2018-19 school year.

The nuts and bolts….review below but please submit the original hard copies that we have provided for you. If you need new copies, see Suzanne.

1. Carefully read the Annual Enrollment Contract (read sample contract here) including details regarding the following:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Children’s House Schedule Changes
  • Withdrawal and Refund Policy
  • Before Care and After Care Payment Details
  • Attendance and Punctuality Policy
  • Termination and Suspension Policy

2.  Initial inside the boxes, fill in, and sign the bottom of page two of the Annual Enrollment Contract that we have provided you.

3.  Submit a $500 enrollment deposit made payable to Bridgeview Montessori School to secure your child’s placement in our program. You may also pay this deposit here or stop in to deliver your paperwork and process a credit card payment with Suzanne.

4.  NEW THIS YEAR: As soon as we receive your initialed and signed contract and your deposit, we will rollover your Smart Tuition account for tuition collection, June 18 through May 19. Once rolled over,  you can make any changes to your account online.


Once the above materials are submitted, we do ensure returning students’ and their siblings’ placements before we admit new students. However, please understand that we can only secure these placements for returning students and siblings if we have completed enrollment information by March 2, 2018.

We anticipate that Elementary II will be full next year, and we have started a wait list of prospective students for this program.

Thank you for sharing your children with us. As always, if you have any questions, please be in touch at your convenience.


Sandra Nickerson, Head of School

Suzanne Lawson, Assistant Head of School