In Lieu of Teacher / Classroom Gifts


A Bridgeview Montessori Tradition

Dear Bridgeview Montessori Parent Community,             November 29, 2018

A Wonderful Tradition!

We realize that in this season of giving we have been asking you to give in many ways: perhaps you baked for and shopped at the bake sale to benefit; maybe you have already made a contribution to the Annual Circle of Giving; some have donated both time and materials to their child’s classroom …. We truly have a special community of giving! We recognize, this and thank you!

But…. sometimes families want to stretch even more and remember Bridgeview Montessori at the holidays. If you were thinking of honoring your child's teachers or our school in this way, Bridgeview Montessori has a wonderful tradition of asking that in lieu of this gift, you make a contribution to a special fund to send a teacher or teachers to Montessori professional development. Because of parent generosity, Bridgeview Montessori teachers have been able to attend annual Montessori conferences for the past 10 years! Those who attend share their learning and materials with our students and faculty upon their return so, in fact, we all benefit from your generosity.

Because the American Montessori Society conference this year is in Washington DC, our goal is to send one or more faculty members. Having been to a few AMS conferences myself, I cannot stress enough how rejuvenating and validating the experience is! There is nothing like it. Being able to learn from and share with those like-minded educators is a unique opportunity.

Please consider donating the money you would have otherwise spent on a teacher or classroom gift to this special fund so that members of our faculty can participate. The school has created a fair system for deciding who goes, and everyone in the school community has always supported these decisions.

Please remember that this is in lieu of a teacher gift, totally optional, and separate from any other fundraising that the school does including the Annual Circle of Giving.

If you would like to participate in this special opportunity, place your check or cash in an envelope, and label it for SUZANNE (me); you can drop it in my mail folder or leave it with Gina-Marie to deliver to me. You can also stop by my desk to make a credit card contribution or use the button below.

After your donation is received, I will then create a card for your child's teachers indicating that your donation was made in their honor to enhance professional development at our school. The dollar amount will NOT be shared with the teachers, but you will receive a receipt for tax purposes from the business office. You, of course, are welcome to give your own cards as well.

Thanks for your consideration! Enjoy the season!

And, as always, thank you for sharing your children with us.

Suzanne Lawson, Assistant Head of School

...representing the entire Bridgeview Montessori Faculty!