Teachers, Administrators, Students, And Parents United

The Bridgeview Montessori School embodies community spirit on many different levels. We are a community of teachers, administrators, students, and parents united in the common goal of educating our children in the Montessori philosophy and facilitating their love of learning and independence. The Bridgeview Parents Association is actively involved in the life of the school, offering educational opportunities for parents and sponsoring fundraising activities to enhance many of the school's programs. In the spring of 2010, we gave out a parent survey. Here is a sampling of the responses.

Our students, teachers, and families are involved in a number of community outreach activities as well, which in the past have included raising funds for IFAW, The Bourne Food Pantry, Action Against Hunger, Heifer International, providing items for A Baby Center in Hyannis, sponsoring an orphan in Africa, and making lunches for local homeless people.