Bridgenotes: May 31, 2019

Last Day of School Early Dismissal & Picnic Celebration: Thursday, June 6, 2019 after a ½ day of school, let's celebrate together!

Pack a picnic lunch for the whole family, everyone is invited!

Dessert will be provided by the school. The Midway Recreation Area Pavilion is reserved (until 2 pm) for Bridgeview Montessori School (we will not light the grills). There are picnic tables available but you may bring a lawn chair if desired. Have some fun, chat with the staff, say goodbye for the summer.

There will be NO After Care. If you are not able to pick up your child at the scheduled dismissal time below, you need to make arrangements for someone else to pick up your child, please remember that it needs to be in writing.

There is no parking on the grass or in the front of the restrooms, and pets must be leashed and stay in designated areas only, per order of the Army Corps of Engineers.


Children's House: 12:00pm

Elementary I: 2:15pm

Green Room: 2:30pm

Parent Blog Posts If any parent or grandparent is interested in writing a blog for our Views of the Bridge Blog on our website, let Suzanne know at If you want to write but need ideas, think school choice, parenting topics, travel, lunch and snack ideas.... etc. Contact Suzanne to brainstorm. (Suzanne is a gentle editor and all edited work will be writer-approved before posting.)

Closing Playground Between 3 and 3:15 pm We are closing the playground to Children's House families because our After Care will be using it at that time. We apologize for this inconvenience. It is a little tough for our After Care children to see others playing with their parents when they are still awaiting their own. I know you will understand. Thanks!

Elementary Spring Play and an Amazing Array of Talent! : It all came together in a beautiful way. There was dancing, singing, comedy and drama. All done with courage and confidence. These lessons start in Children's House and by the time our students reach Elementary I they are ready for their first performance, and by the time they reach Elementary II, they just blossom. It is so exciting to see the growth of confidence and skill. Thank you Courtenay for giving our students the just right challenge.

Lost & Found : Please stop by the front entrance and look inside our lost and found basket. You might just recognize something you've been missing. All items not picked up by the last day of school will be donated to a local nonprofit organization.

Library Books: The library is looking forward to wrapping up another successful year. Please look around your home for any library books that have been borrowed and return them to school so that they can be processed by end of year. Thank you, The Librarians

Facebook Review : Please consider visiting our facebook page to write a review of our program. Thanks, Suzanne

2019-2020 School Calendar Revised : There was one change on next year's calendar so it has been revised. The Volunteer Reception will be on April 16, 2020. Click here to access next year's school calendar in PDF format or visit our google calendar page.

Student Records: If your child is not returning to us next year, and you would like his or her records transferred to the new school after school ends this year, please submit the Authorization to Forward Student Records form as soon as possible.

2019-2020 Before & After Care: You may make changes to your child's Before and After Care schedule at any time if your needs change.

The Parent Portal Goes Live July 1, 2019: Click Here to access portal.

News from the Board of Trustees : What is the Board's Role, Part II? Bridgeview Montessori School's Board of Trustees has the fiscal health and safety of the school as its overarching and primary goal. Along with other responsibilities, the Board supports the Head of School. Listed are four more of the Board's responsibilities to the Head of School: Approve the annual budget; Review and set tuition policies, including payment schedules, penalties, refund policy and financial aid; Evaluate the operating plan of the school in light of annual strategic goals; In collaboration with head of school, determine priority for use of funds raised from the annual Circle of Giving.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Board, please visit our website page entitles Our Board of Trustees.

Sandy's favorite quote this week: When walking in from recess, a young CH boy looked up toward the top of the school and asked, "What's that?" His teacher answered, "That is a mural about our school." He replied, "No, not that. Those widows. Is that where all the teachers sleep?"