Before and After Care


Bridgeview Montessori School offers Before Care starting at 7:45 am and After Care until 5:30 pm and begins the first day of school. All students need to be signed up in advance to attend. Students need to bring their own snack to eat while in After Care on days he/she attends. After Care is closed on Oct 31 and on the last day of school.

On Children’s House half days of school, After Care is available on a first come first served basis, with priority given to that particular day’s regular attendees. Regular fees will begin to accrue starting at 1 pm for all CH attendees.

Students who are in Before Care in the morning, or in After Care in the afternoon, must be signed in and/or out by their parent at the point where they are turned over to Before Care or picked up from After Care. A form for that purpose is included in the Before and After Care teacher’s binder; there is a separate sheet for each student, with the student’s name at the top. Please use only one sheet per month; sheets are removed monthly for invoicing. Please make sure that you sign in or out correctly on the sheet(s) that pertains to your child or children.

Before Care for all students is held in the Rainbow Room on the lower level of the school. When dropping off your child in the morning, please enter through the playground on the left side of the building, walk your child down stairs, knock on the door to the Rainbow Room, wait to be let inside, and sign him/her into the Before Care binder.

After Care for Children’s House students is held in the Rainbow Room. The teachers plan art and craft activities for their individual groups. Additionally, many games, puzzles, Lego’s, and materials for gross motor activity are available for students. During good weather, students spend time outdoors on the playground.

When picking up your Children’s House child in the afternoon, enter the playground, go down the stairs on the right, and knock on the door. During good weather, children may be on the playground and need to be picked up there.

After Care for Elementary students is held in the Science Room, and pick up is at the outside door on the right side of the building. During good weather, children may be on the playground and need to be picked up there.

To ensure a smooth transition for your child(ren), the other students in the program, and the teachers, we ask that you sign your child(ren) out and depart promptly.

Parents who need to reserve space for their child on a regular basis need to fill out a registration form.

Parents who need to utilize Before or After Care for their child on an occasional day as a “drop-in” must contact the school to confirm space is available. Parents may contact the Administrative Assistant by phone or email to request Before Care or After Care use on a given day, but parent must receive confirmation that space is available in advance.

Details of fees for Before Care and After Care:

  1. The fee is based on the time a child is signed in and out each day of participation.
  2. The fee is $10 per hour. Fees are rounded up to the next half-hour.
  3. After Care closes at 5:30 pm. Parents who arrive later than 5:30 pm, when After Care officially closes, will be assessed a late fee of $10.00 for any amount of time within each fifteen minute increment (e.g. If you pick up your child at 5:50, you will be assessed a $20 late fee based on two 15 minute increments). 
  4. Parents of attendees will be invoiced monthly from October through June.
  5. Payment is due in full within thirty days of receipt of invoice. Before or After Care is only available when an account is current or if a written alternative payment schedule has been entered into prior to the beginning of the new month.
  6. Regular fees will begin to accrue starting at 1 pm on Children’s House early dismissal days for all attendees.

Both the Before Care and After Care programs are held in classrooms, although After Care often utilizes the playground during good weather. Both programs offer closely monitored play activities and are staffed by qualified teachers.

Thank you very much for your cooperation. If you have questions, please direct them to Julie Davis, Children’s House Director at or to the Administrative Assistant at